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Emergency Sept 11th Broadcast! Epic Must See Marathon Transmission: Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD, Joel Skousen, Steve Quayle, Robert Barnes, Vaccine Victim Ernest Ramirez! – Banned Video

On the historic 20th anniversary of the deep state 9/11 false flag attacks, Alex Jones interviews Dr. Richard Bartlett, M.D., Joel Skousen, Steve Quayle, Robert Barnes, vaccine victim Ernest Ramirez & more.

We have NEVER been contagious to each other. As proof, during the pandemic of 1918, the Health Department attempted to transfer sickness from one person to another. After hundreds of attempts, they were unable to do so. Baffled, they eventually gave up. This experiment is documented and archived on the CDC website.

Share this information, the link to the CDC document, and, optionally, the video below (or the short version), with your friends and family. Get the truth out there! Education is how we stop what is coming.


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