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Election Fraud Proven – Stopping The Demons From Destroying The Earth – Elon Musk – WW3 – The Military – Disinfecting The Earth

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Election Fraud Proven – Stopping The Demons From Destroying The Earth – Elon Musk – WW3 – The Military – Disinfecting The Earth

Medical experts investigated incidents of two boys who died after vaccination and published their reports. One of the epidemiologists said that these data added to the piggy bank of evidence confirming that the “Pfizer vaccine can lead to the death of children.”

Over 1,200 People Died During Pfizer Vaccine Trials: “Following the release of the Pfizer documents, it’s now confirmed that 1,223 people died within the first 28 days after being inoculated with the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine during trials — and it was still approved for use.

The Global Currency Reset began rolling out Wed. 4 May, has paid out Tiers 1 & 2, Iraq was expected to publish their new Dinar rate on Sat. 7 May; F&Ps and PPs were expected to be paid out by Sun. 8 May; Tier 3 paid out by Tues. 10 May, with Tier 4B notification sometime between Tues. 10 May to Thurs. 12 May, or at least by Sun. 15 May.

Tucker Carlson Fox News: Barely fifteen months into his first term as president, Biden has crashed the stock market, provoked a food shortage, opened our borders to millions of illegal aliens, presided over historic rises in murder, inflation and drug ODs — as well as a corresponding plunge in overall life expectancy — and then, because all of that wasn’t punitive enough for a country as racist as ours, dragged the United States into an entirely pointless war with a nuclear armed power, on behalf of a corrupt foreign government that once bribed his drug addicted son. Joe Biden did all of that.

                Russian Bonds, Goldilocks:

On Fri 6 May Russian government bonds were beginning to show more activity during the night on the Quantum Financial System platforms. We were still waiting for these bonds to go live.

These bonds will provide liquidity for their currency and virtual asset financial system. Russia is on the precipice of going full circle as the first country to back their currency and digital assets by gold.

The profound effect this will have on trading with other countries around the world is certain. Each step in this process moves  other countries that trade with Russia deeper into the new global economic system.

There are more government bonds yet to go live to complete this process. Stay tuned. There will come a time when it will seem as though everything will happen overnight.

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