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EBS Unleashes NESARA: October 1st Will Redefine The World!

Trump shouldn’t have NESARA and the USN announced only on the EBS and have banks, phones, and the internet all shut down immediately when the EBS starts, as many won’t know what’s happening because they don’t have a TV or radio to turn to.

This is not like Hawaii on December 7, 1941, or the WTC attack on September 11, where it’s a major attack, and you need to get home at that moment to turn on your TV or radio. But since Trump is the chosen Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and not just the President, he is responsible for making this EBS announcement. This will be disclosed in the EBS about the reason why.

Why would anyone announce NESARA and the USN since the EBS only comes days later when many don’t know what they are? “I just won a new car, but where is it, as it’s not in my garage, will it be delivered, what kind is it, do I have insurance and automatic registration, and do I have to pay taxes for it?”

The reason Trump would announce NESARA, the USN, his new QFS account, and the 120 days until the Republic’s elections in his speech is to warn people that something is coming, it’s time to get home and prepare for the 10 days of isolation and the disclosure of these 110 years of chaos. People shouldn’t get the idea that this is a Trump campaign maneuver and exclude everyone else from the scene.->UPDATE: The QFS Debit Card Revolution is Here! How GESARA’s Latest Update Could Completely Overhaul the Future of VISA and Mastercard!

He will allow the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to inform us, the people, that the U.S. military is taking command and why. He is giving us, the people, the real truth because they need to be prepared for it. This also gives Biden a way to further destroy himself by trying to shut down the EBS and cause much more chaos before he is removed by Wednesday, October 11th, and Biden should be cleaning house on his own, but it may already be too late.

They may have information at that time so that people know that many government officials have been sent to Gitmo for military tribunals on charges of treason and have already been executed, and there will be no normal INC. election in the U.S. in 2024, and all of this will be reiterated in the EBS about who they are and why.

As it will be on a Sunday, the NFL and MLB will have their games with millions of fans in their stadiums, and if the EBS comes on at that moment, there will be chaos about what is happening, as stadium administrations did not prepare for what was coming, so people won’t know how to leave in an orderly manner. It could be much worse than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, during Game 3 of the World Series, as getting home was terrible and had a 10-day delay. Coincidence for 10 days and in October? 

My thought is that possibly Trump will make his initial NESARA announcement at 6:00 PM EDT, 3:00 PM PDT, and 12:00 PM Hawaii time, and three hours later, the EBS begins nationwide at 9:00 PM EDT, 6:00 PM PDT, and 3:00 PM HDT. Many of the sports games may have ended later when the EBS was supposed to start. I think the times should be the same on Friday, October 6th.

Out-of-town fans may have difficulty getting home because even buses will need phone/internet connections with their machines to buy tickets, as ATMs won’t work even to withdraw cash.

If NESARA is announced on Sunday, October 1st, then the Republic’s elections should be on the Tuesday before the end of the 120 days, like Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 114 days later. We don’t know when they will take office, but maybe within 30 days under the flag of the U.S. Republic and without any more gold fringes.

Since most of those in the trailer are under an NDA, they may be notified in some way before the start of the EBS on Sunday and then be able to go to a specific location at any other time, as they can’t make a call, and certain messages can be passed on to them in the EBS, where only they know what to do with their exchanges. This could be the point where both go at the same time.

When the EBS starts, there should be a basic menu of what will be in the video/audio and for how long, and not having people wait to see when it will end, as they have other things to do or even sleep. An eight-hour movie, and you don’t want to miss a moment? This menu should be repeated perhaps every hour or every 30 minutes for those who step away for a while and know when to come back to not miss anything. Or maybe with the TV, there could be scrolling screens about what’s happening.

I think the basic details in the first hour will be NESARA Law, what changes are coming, especially how and why it came about, its new QFS account and how it works, a bit of the basic history of the last 110 years since 1913, going back to the Organic Act of 1871, the Civil War where the Southern states left Congress, and we haven’t been with the United States Constitution since then, as it has been a corporation with THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and of course, we are all now citizens of the State.

There should also be specific details on what employers should or shouldn’t do, such as no longer withholding anything from paychecks for any taxes, Social Security, or Welfare/Medicare, but they can withhold dues for unionized workers.

Of course, NESARA items will be mentioned like; there will be no more sales tax on used items, pharmaceuticals, and food, but only a 14% sales tax on all new items. This can only start after the EBS ends to inform businesses about all this, so employer quarterly withholdings may have already been sent by them for the first week of October for the third quarter, unless the company has been closed by then, and you will be reimbursed, along with everyone else in the past, into your QFS account.

No more property taxes to be paid, and they will be reimbursed because you can’t be continuously taxed on what you already bought and own along with your mortgages. Possibly, vehicle registration will no longer be needed, and driver’s licenses certainly won’t be needed, as the U.S. Supreme Court decided that in 2017 for non-commercial drivers, but being paid like Uber drivers, they need one.

All current debts will be paid off, and perhaps anything paid with a credit card will also be paid off, as there are records of those purchases, but anything paid in cash is too late for any refund.

Medical services may not be taxed, but I’m not sure since I had insurance when I could, as otherwise, I didn’t have much money to pay for it on my own. 

Your birth certificate may already have been linked to your SSN, bank accounts, loans, and employers to then put those refunds into your QFS account, but you may need to check if you have it, like a passport identity check, to gain access.

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