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Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes: Explosive Intel! Trump Ending U.S. Corp; Vatican Gold Flown to Fort Knox; Trigger Event!! (Video)

John had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to interview Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes for my FIRST ever X Spaces. The information that Dr. Jan puts out in this interview is absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

Biden IS the legitimate President of a bankrupt Corporation. He has renewed all of Trump’s EO’s. Who is instructing him to do this? Dems are going to be shocked when they find this out. He is furthering things on our part.

Triggering event is going to be the Georgia case live streamed on YouTube and regular television. Trump is CIC and has 200 Generals under him.

When Trump went around the world to speak to world leaders, he was given the sword in Saudi Arabia which is only given to the King. He gave them documents about the child and human trafficking. Afterwards 200 Saudis were arrested.

He went to the Vatican and told the Pope he was taking all the gold from the Vatican Bank. 650 airplanes flew the gold back to Fort Knox.

He went to visit the Queen. He informed her that his plan was to file bankruptcy and end the U.S. Corporation.

Trump knew they were going to cheat on the elections, EO 13858 signed September 12 2018: Election interference from foreign countries:

D.C, City of London, Vatican

Trump did not want civil war and did not have the Military do the big arrests even though they could have done so. Only 7 people actually know what is going on.

Dr. Jan is a seasoned Political Psychologist, Republican Commentator, Author, member of President Trump’s 2016 Presidential Transition Team, and under contract with the DoD. She is also Worldwide VP directing 51 Republicans Overseas, as well as a metaled Power Lifter!

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