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Donald Trump Protected By Giant Alien And The Intergalactic Federation… Communications Blackout Coming October 30th?? 

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

Donald Trump Protected By Giant Alien And The Intergalactic Federation…Communications Blackout Coming October 30th??

IITM:  I certainly cannot verify much of what you are about to read (reposted below)… but here’s what I believe may be true: 

-Trump is protected by our star family.

-The galactic federation is real. 

-NESARA or something similar is real, but not likely to be implemented until the baddies are taken care of, therefore, the Nov. estimation mentioned below is not likely. 

-Yes, there will be a reinstatement of the US republic.

-Yes Valiant Thor exists… is it this giant human? Mmmmmm… I’m not convinced. 

-Will Communications be shut down on Oct. 30?? Well, honestly, this is a possibility… perhaps a period is necessary for the baddies to be removed, without any interference from the public or deepstate whatsoever… and then clicked back on, to begin some major redpilling of the public. 

So read the very interesting update below, and use your discernment… keep supporting the energy of best outcome for all…

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