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Donald Trump Booed At Alabama Rally For Pushing COVID Vaccine (Must Video)

BTW, it is true that COVID is getting really bad here.

I had been hearing that our local hospital is full of COVID patients again. It really hit home though for me when someone I know recently had to stop by a warehouse to bring back a ventilator.

I also had a chat with an EMT this weekend who told me that one of the larger hospitals around here is so full of COVID patients that the people he is bringing to the hospital who have been in car accidents are being left for hours on stretchers out in the hallways before receiving treatment.

Make of that what you will. It is true though that it is not a good time to have to go to the hospital around here. This is never going away and we are all obviously going to get infected with it at some point. We’re going to be dealing with endless COVID variants like the cold or the flu every year.

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