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Deep State Has Declared War On The People Using A Bio Chemical Weapon Linked With 5G & LED Attack! – Dr. Anne McCloskey (Must Video)

The real weapon will be the sustained panic as half the world’s population learns they have less than five years to live. How convenient they drag it out over a period of years, but not too many. That way the systemic disruption cannot quickly be overcome. Stability cannot be established as millions await their fate over a few years instead of days or weeks. Be ready for a five year panic to set in as half the world slowly dies off. Our enemy has certainly planned for it.

They are trying to blind us with LED especially at night First it was Fluoride now graphene it just seems to be getting worse because the system will not provide for example blue blocking prescription eye ware and so on Everytime that we come up with an invention or a natural way of protecting ourselves and the word gets out to them they find a way Yes in fact this is a war we are in a spiritual one at that!

“They” have put the rest of us in jeopardy ! ” they ” vote for communism and cancel the rest of us out ! ” they ” can take the jab and all drop dead and get out of our way ! We have to hold our breath at every election hoping ” they ” don’t vote away the rights of the rest of us ! Enough ! !

What we have today is a dictatorship that dictates the narrative and censors the scientific community from debate. How does a seasonal flu with an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of 0.2% justify the risk of imposing a novel (mRNA/DNA) vaccine upon an unsuspecting public, whilst efficacy trials are still ongoing and have not been independently peer reviewed? Where’s the safety profile toxicology studies? Where’s the independent peer review? Why is Big Pharma indemnified against adverse reactions, disablement or death, if vaccines are safe? The Great Deception (PDF)

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