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Day One of the Court of Public Opinion Grand Jury: The People vs the Cabal (Video) 

Saturday Reiner Fuellmich and his legal team started moving forward with his long planned International Criminal Proceeding. They will not be using the existing courts. They will be using the institution of the American Grand Jury Investigation as a procedural foundation. They will be using Natural Law which trumps laws of man. This is the basis for our Declaration of Independence.

The goal is to get indictments against Drosten for his fake test kits, against Fauci for his role in pushing this fraud, against Tedros of the WHO for telling these lies to the entire world; specifically the lies of asymptomatic infection and that PCR tests are reliable. They will expose Bill Gates as a major money making conspirator as well as Pfizer and Blackrock.

They intend to establish the fact that there is no pandemic other than one created by the PCR tests with their fake results.

They will expose the fraudulent content lists of the vaccine vials which do not tell about all the contaminants in them as well as the fake trial reports. They will reveal that the defendants are well aware that they are manufacturing and dispensing a wide variety of bio weapons.

This is a model proceeding which will set a precedent, put the evidence in the international record and pave the way for legitimate courts in countries around the world to act upon. Where the system is corrupt, as it is in the majority of the world, it will give people the knowledge they need to make demands, start a revolution if need be: to demand justice and a cease and desist order on all lockdowns and mandates.

Lastly the goal is to stop the mass murder by lethal injections under the fake name of vaccines.

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