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Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s Terrifying Next Phase – Glenn Beck (Video)

It’s time to take the global progressive elites at their word when they say everything is about to change: the economy, society, where we live, how we live, how we work … EVERYTHING. Called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this societal transformation is at our doorstep.

But the only people making plans for things like AI, quantum computing, the Metaverse, central bank digital currencies, automation, and so much more are the ones sitting in Davos at the World Economic Forum — and they’re redesigning society based on it.

In this episode, Glenn gives an inside look into how all these technologies will turn the Great Reset into a terrifying dystopian Great Narrative of central control, mass surveillance, and a lack of liberty and freedom that we have never experienced before.

It’s the focus of his newly released book, “Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s Terrifying Next Phase.” Glenn gives you a preview of what you’ll find in the book: what’s coming, what they are designing, and how you can prepare.

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