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Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn told host Alex Newman during the Jan. 21 episode of “The Sentinel Report” that Americans must get involved in politics if they don’t want to lose their country.

“This country is meant to be an experiment in democracy called a constitutional republic. And if we want to sustain this beautiful country, this beautiful experiment, people in this country, every single person must now get involved,” said Flynn.

He urged Americans to support the candidates they believe in and the organizations that are actually doing something.

“Get out of the bleachers and get on the field of play and participate in this experiment. That’s what our Founders wanted us to do. And that’s what we have to do now, otherwise we’re going to lose this country. And it’s going to continue to move towards socialism, or worse, communism.”

Flynn clarified that the current situation of the country can only be fixed if every American citizen will stop saying that they are not going to get involved in politics. 

“That’s why we’re here. Because people have allowed the political class in this country to take us to this depth of evil that we’re up against. So everybody in this country, everybody that listens to this show, you are now dubbed part of the political process in our country. And you must get involved,” said Flynn, who is one of the freedom movement leaders in America.

The former national security adviser noted that he doesn’t like the current political culture in the country. He pointed out that the Democratic Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party of America, the elitist body and the globalist body do exist and they are very real.

“And these are not conspiracy theories, and so we have to fight against all of these. We’ve got to figure out ways to do that. That’s why I use the phrase ‘local action has a national impact.’ But it only works if people get involved in their communities at the local level,” Flynn explained.

“That’s where it’s going to be. That’s where the fight is at. And that’s how we’re going to continue to have the country that was created almost 250 years ago. We will retain freedom if we defeat tyranny.”

Rise of radical Islamism

Flynn also took note of the sudden rise of radical Islamism around the world after the death of Osama bin Laden, the founder of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda.

In a 2016 speech, the former national security adviser called Islamism a “vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people” that has to be excised.

He lamented that the U.S. government was accomplishing its strategic foreign policy goals and objectives in an incorrect manner, citing the war in the Middle East, which he said is probably one of the biggest strategic failures for the country in this century.

Flynn added that ideologies that are against democracy like communism, fascism, imperialism and Islamism are all an antithesis to the way of life in America.

“I don’t care about Republicans and Democrats, I care about this country, I care about the future for my children, my grandchildren and the generations that come after them. I want this beautiful experiment and democracy called a constitutional republic to continue down this path that we have set for ourselves,” Flynn said.

He also emphasized the need to rebuild the institutions of the country, particularly at the federal level, and the security state complex, which consists of all the intelligence agencies. 

Flynn also cited the 30,000 religious exemptions in the military that were denied, which he said is just flat out wrong. “It’s going to cause the institution of the United States military to decline. And I have a responsibility as a retired military person to encourage people and to help build the institution of the United States Armed Forces,” he said.

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