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Charlie Ward & Melissa Redpill: Officials Reject CDC! Truckers Defeat Trudeau! – Must Video

It’s becoming apparent that there is little difference between known tyrannical leaders like China’s Xi Jinping, Cuba’s Castro bros and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and those of Western ‘democracies,’ as their policies and their view of political opponents are increasingly the same.

Amid rising dissent over Canada’s vaccine passports and mandates for truckers was born last weekend’s “Freedom Convoy” which involved tens of thousands of people and trucks in a procession that reportedly stretched at least 50 miles. The convoy made its way to the capital of Ottawa, where Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was not available to meet with and address dissenters because he chose to ‘self-isolate’ like a coward.

But last week before the convoy kicked off, Trudeau, from the safety and security of the PM’s office, proclaimed that any Canadian who disagreed with his authoritarianism was part of a “fringe” group that held — his words — “unacceptable views.”

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