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Charlamagne predicts a Verzuz showdown in which Future, 6ix9ine, Young Thug and Britney Spears could best Eminem!

A clip from earlier this year has resurfaced showing Charlamagne saying he “can name 20 rappers that wash Eminem in a ‘Verzuz’”—including, possibly, 6ix9ine.

A fourth-month-old clip of Charlamagne tha God sharing an eyebrow-raising opinion on Andrew Schultz’s podcast the Brilliant Idiots has resurfaced. The crew was talking about different Verzuz matchups, and Charlamagne said he thinks Eminem would “get washed” by nearly any opponent.


The clip, which you can watch later or via DJ Akademiks’ post below, comes at the hour and 20-minute mark of the pod.


“Em gets washed in any Verzuz bro, y’all gon’ stop it,” Charlamagne said. He went on to explain, “Em don’t have the songs like that. Em can rap, and we like Em as a rapper. … Future washes Eminem in Verzuz.”



When Schultz retorted by trying to argue a newer rapper like 6ix9ine wouldn’t be able to beat Em, Charlamagne said the result would be “depending on the generation.”

“Em don’t got nothing that slap like ‘Gummo’ to these kids. Yo, Young Thug washes Eminem in a Verzuz. … I can name 20 rappers that wash Eminem in a Verzuz.”

Charlamagne explained how he thinks Eminem is a great lyricist and rapper like Kendrick Lamar, but doesn’t have the club-centric tracks listeners would automatically gravitate toward in a battle format.

“Em falls in the same category as somebody like Kendrick Lamar, and I think Kendrick would perform better in Verzuz,” he continued. “Em doesn’t have Verzuz-type songs. Imagine sitting there in a Verzuz and he plays ‘Stan.’ Britney Spears washes Eminem in a Verzuz bro. Britney gets Eminem f**k out of here.” – says Charlmagne

The clip has resurfaced in the aftermath of The LOX putting on a masterclass performance during their Verzuz against Dipset at Madison Square Garden last week. The group’s chemistry, matched with their elite discography and ability to recreate it live, made many look to them as a gold standard for how battles should be executed.


The podcast with Charlamagne continued on the topic of Verzuz and wound up landing on the idea that Britney Spears would be hard an artist who’s to beat, including for Eminem.


You can watch the video below: (a hour and 20-minute mark of the pod)

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