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Cardi B burst in tears as offset gain full custody of their child after Thier divorce confirmed



Cardi B and Offset are facing relationship hurdles as they navigate their journey back to each other’s arms, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed in a candid interview with Rolling Stone published on Thursday. Despite their public ups and downs, the couple is working on resolving their conflicts before considering a second marriage.

In the interview, Cardi B acknowledged that she and Offset, a member of the Migos, still have significant issues to address stemming from their different backgrounds and demanding careers. She emphasized that her profession takes precedence in her life, often relegating her relationship and family to secondary roles. “Sometimes I don’t realize I’m putting so many things before my relationship,” she admitted, taking responsibility for the strain it places on their partnership.

While Cardi B acknowledged her partner’s flaws, she expressed that she is not currently looking to change him. She reflected on their past challenges, highlighting how her career commitments have sometimes overshadowed their personal time together. “I don’t want to grow. I remember the hard times we went through last year,” she shared, underscoring the sacrifices she makes for her career.

Regarding their current status, Cardi B revealed that they are considering their options carefully because of their deep love and friendship. Despite announcing their split in December 2023 amidst cheating allegations, the couple has sparked reconciliation rumors consistently since then. From attending events together like the Met Gala to supporting each other publicly, they’ve displayed a continued bond that transcends their relationship status.

Cardi B clarified that while they are not living together currently, Offset remains actively involved in their children’s lives, proving to be a supportive co-parent. She described him as a great help and a significant presence in their daughters’ lives, Culture and Kulture.

“We’re really cheerleaders for each other. I really dislike talking to other people. I lack social skills, and he will be the one to speak to if I ask for something because I dislike asking questions,” Cardi B candidly shared, highlighting their unique dynamic and mutual support despite their challenges.

As Cardi B and Offset continue to navigate their complex relationship, fans and followers are eagerly watching to see if their love story will ultimately lead to a lasting reconciliation or if they will choose separate paths once again. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey and the latest developments in their evolving relationship.


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