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Breaking News: 50 Cent confirms Dr. Dre and Eminem have an “unusual” relationship

The Eminem hype cycle has begun. The rapper has been quiet for nearly four years, but fans are feening for what he has to say on his upcoming album. Not just because he’s been gone for so long, but because the title of the album is, provocatively, The Death of Slim Shady. Em will be closing the book on his iconic alter ego, which means he will be bringing it back to the beginning of his career. 50 Cent popped up in the teaser video for the album to call Slim a “psychopath.” The bigger revelation came on Instagram, though, when the rapper hinted at the album’s production.


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 30: (L-R) Dr. Dre, Cυrtis “50 Ceпt” Jacksoп aпd Emiпem atteпd a ceremoпy hoпoriпg Cυrtis “50 Ceпt” Jacksoп with a star oп the Hollywood Walk of Fame oп Jaпυary 30, 2020 iп Hollywood, Califorпia. (Photo by Paυl Archυleta/FilmMagic).

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