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BREAKING! Biological Nightmare: Uncovering the Sinister Secret Biolab in the Heart of the USA – A Terrifying Tale from Fresno County

With the echoes of pandemics still haunting us, the recent revelation of a secret, unlicensed biological research facility in Fresno County, California, owned by Chinese nationals, raises more questions than it answers. Are we entering a new chapter in a modern bio-cold war?

The global stage has seen countless dramatic scenarios unfold, many of which weave intricate webs of intrigue, conspiracy, and unsettling truths. However, none can compete with the shocking revelation from Fresno County, California. For those of us used to seeing the United States as a beacon of scientific transparency, this is nothing short of a NIGHTMARE.

In the heart of Fresno County, Public Health officials uncovered a dark secret that, for months or possibly years, had been lying hidden behind innocent-looking façades: a clandestine, unsanctioned biological research facility in operation. And this wasn’t an ordinary laboratory, mind you, but one run under alarmingly negligent and unsafe conditions, teetering on the brink of potential biological catastrophe.

If you think this is merely the storyline for a new Hollywood thriller, you’re mistaken. Prepare yourself for a reality that mirrors our most unsettling fiction.

As an initial peek into this abyss, I implore you to read the Abatement Warrant (which can be found attached below). A seemingly harmless document, merely seven pages long, yet its contents are chilling enough to make your blood run cold.

The facility contained a whopping thirty-five refrigerators and freezers, all brimming with biological material. The sheer magnitude and recklessness of it are nothing short of HORRIFYING. An exhaustive inventory revealed:

  • Biological material including blood, tissue, serum, and bodily fluid samples.
  • Medical waste in immense quantities.
  • Dangerous infectious agents stored haphazardly.
  • Contaminated containers, vials, boxes, bags, and other laboratory equipment, tainted by the biological material and infectious agents.

As if this horrifying stockpile wasn’t enough, the lab also housed hundreds of lab mice and approximately 2,112 GALLONS of biological material. This hazardous material was eventually disposed of, over a grueling period of two days.

The risks associated with such a reckless setup are IMMENSE. The entire human population in the vicinity was dancing on the precipice of a biological disaster. The potential release of these infectious agents could have spelled catastrophic consequences, not just for Fresno County, but potentially for the entire nation.

Adding to the brewing storm of questions and fears is the revelation that Chinese nationals owned the facility. This raises concerns about the purpose and motive behind this secret operation. Are we looking at a case of biological espionage? A scheme to divert attention? Or something else entirely? The answers remain shrouded in mystery and speculation, but what is clear is that the mainstream media’s reluctance to report on the situation creates even more room for suspicion.

While navigating these unnerving waters, it’s impossible not to recall the case of Dr. Charles Lieber, the Bio-Chem Director at Harvard, caught up in a conspiracy with Chinese nationals to smuggle 21 vials of “biological research” to China on 01/28/2020. The timing of this event, coinciding with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, raises more questions and fuels the fires of conspiracy.

The landscape of this bio-cold war is increasingly complicated and murky. We know that biological espionage is a reality, with the US and China caught in a dangerous dance of subterfuge and intrigue. Biological research in the US is under scrutiny from both Russia and China. Unlicensed, nefarious biolabs housing deadly pathogens operate in the shadows, not just in foreign countries, but alarmingly, right here in the US.

Given these chilling revelations, we can’t help but wonder if this is part of a broader Chinese strategy, or perhaps a deep-state diversion tactic meant to shift attention away from questionable US activities in Ukraine or Wuhan.

One thing is clear, whether it’s in Ukraine, Wuhan, or California, these clandestine operations MUST be brought to heel. If we allow these secret laboratories to continue operating unchecked, humanity teeters on the brink of disaster. We are subject to an Orwellian biological police state, locked in a ceaseless cycle of infection and pharmaceutical intervention.

Our existence cannot be reduced to being mere lab mice in someone’s grand experiment for profit. As these revelations hit closer to home, it’s high time we open our eyes to the severity of our predicament.

As we brace ourselves for what might unfold next, remember, this is not a screenplay, nor a work of fiction. It’s a wake-up call to face our reality.

Now, more than ever, we must champion transparency, demand accountability, and above all, protect our collective humanity from this nefarious shadow world. Because in the end, the greatest asset in this bio-cold war isn’t secretive labs, covert operations, or even biological weapons. It’s the truth.

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