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I was inspired to make this video almost 2 years ago when a Hurricane hit Louisiana. My friend Kelli Ann Boatright lives near there and I was wondering if her and her family were evacuating and this song references being in Louisiana. I grabbed a clip of bikers riding the Dragon’s Tail in North Carolina. Through pure serendipity when they cross into Tennessee this song by Son Volt references state line and once they cross into TN the song references 1963 which to me is associated with JFK. Kelli Ann focuses her research and videos on JFK, JR. The Clip from Easy Rider is in Louisiana. I learned a long time ago that “FLIPPING SOMEONE OFF” was ORIGINALLY a HAND SIGN used to WARD OFF EVIL SPIRITS! Why else would it be THE HAND SIGN YOU CAN’T USE? Does it mean “FUCK OFF” or for EVIL to STAY AWAY? I was praying that her and her family and neighbors would be kept safe while making the video and was surprised by the synchronicities in the finished product. I decided to re-run it for The People’s Convoy to help advertise.


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