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Biden Predicted He Would Be Dead & Gone by 2020 – He Was Right? (Video)

President Biden made a bold prediction in the early 1990s that he would be “dead and gone” by 2020 — the year he actually ran against then-President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

The remarks from Biden came in 1991 during a speech at the Detroit College of Law amid his tenure as a U.S. senator from Delaware — a post he held for more than 35 years.

Speaking to law students at the time about the importance of selecting Supreme Court justices, Biden, who was around 50 at the time, said, “The decision will affect what happens in this country long after Senator Biden is gone, long after President Bush is gone, long after President Reagan’s administrations are forgotten.”

“If they live — if Justice [David] Souter, God willing, lives as long as the average age of the court now, he’ll be making landmark decisions in the year 2020. I’ll be dead and gone in all probability,” added then-Sen. Biden, who will turn 81 this November.

Did Fox News even know what they were showing?

Faces don’t match

Signatures don’t match

Scary dude doesn’t match

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