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‘Beggars belief!’ Lizzie Cundy slaps down reported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry plans: ‘I don’t know how’

The couple have been without a UK base since they vacated Frogmore Cottage last year.

But according to royal author Tom Quinn, Harry could be eyeing up a change with a UK return potentially on the cards.

Speaking on GBN America, Lizzie Cundy questioned whether they would be welcomed.

Lizzie Cundy isn’t sure Harry and Meghan would be welcomed back into the UK


“It’s kind of beggars belief because they were the ones who wanted to leave so desperately”, she said.

“They wanted their own life eating avocados and doing yoga on the Californian beaches.

It is “beggars belief” that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be considering a UK return, according to socialite Lizzie Cundy.

The couple have been without a UK base since they vacated Frogmore Cottage last year.

Nana Akua and Lizzie Cundy
Lizzie Cundy joined Nana Akua on GBN America


“This is a sign they have lost all popularity in the States. Who would have thought it?

“I think Meghan thought she was going to be the next president over there, the way she was behaving and speaking.

“Sadly, they have lost faith. I don’t know how they will be welcomed back here but they know the way they make their money is through the Royal Family.

“They’ve lost everything to do with the Royal Family, so being back in England is the only way forward.

Donald Trump could pose a threat to Prince Harry’s US residency

“Let’s not forget, if Donald Trump were to get back into office, Harry could be in trouble.”

Trump warned in March that Harry could be kicked out of America in a GB News interview.

He told Nigel Farage there should be no preferential treatment for the Duke of Sussex amid questions over whether he lied on his Visa application.

Harry made several drug-taking admissions in his memoir, Spare, an act that is often enough to see Visa applications rejected.

Asked by Farage if Harry should have “special privileges” if the authorities find that he’d lied on his Visa application, Trump said: “No. We’ll have to see if they know something about the drugs, and if he lied they’ll have to take appropriate action.”

Farage questioned: “Appropriate action? Which might mean…not staying in America?”

To which Trump said: “Oh I don’t know. You’ll have to tell me. You just have to tell me. You would have thought they would have known this a long time ago.”

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