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Audio Affidavit: “Dead People” “Body Parts” Placed in Casper, Wyoming Area Water & Human Hunting (Video)

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 12, 2023 – USA

Affidavits of Jessie Marie Czebotar are filed with the United States District Court-MN, United States Military Criminal Investigation Division at Fort Campbell, U.S. Military at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin (Counterterrorism), Office of the U.S. Army Provost Marshall General, Wisconsin, Office of the Texas Governor, Attorney Steven Scott Biss, and President (Commander in Chief) Donald J. Trump via his attorneys.

TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS has reported there existed a plan by agents of a Foreign Power and sovereign military groups to use the Jessie Marie Czebotar evidence as part of a coup against President Donald J. Trump. The plan involved publishing testimony and show-trials that would feature evidence of torture, rape, murder, cannibalism, and unspeakable satanic crimes against humanity committed by U.S. Presidents, politicians, and world leaders. The Jessie Marie Czebotar dynamic of the plot was interrupted when former Truth and Taxation Judge Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota escrowed the evidence and filed it into the United States District Court.

Affidavit of Truthful Testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar

1)     I (Jessie Marie Czebotar) sworn under the pains and penalty of perjury claim the following facts to be truth. And that I am of age, of sound mind, and competent to put these facts upon the record.

2)     I would like to submit upon the record the following to be added to previous testimony in affidavit form. I am sharing further because it is my belief that these are matters of National Security as the Luciferian Brotherhood continues to commit crimes of rape, torture, satanic ritual and murder, trafficking, adrenochrome and hormone harvesting, organ harvesting, and cannibalism against children and humanity. The memories I’d like to share deal with crimes against children and humanity that I experienced and witnessed being committed by Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars in the Casper, Wyoming regional area, including surrounding areas.

I have testified to the connection between the Luciferian Brotherhood, the Sovereign Military, and Nazis and their infiltration into the U.S. Government and U.S. Military. It is my experience that Casper, Wyoming is one of the major training hubs for hierarchy children being trained in the Sovereign Military Order. Within the System the military branch of the Brotherhood is broken down into groups. You have the main military which is classified as the Sovereign Military Order with select knight orders presiding over regional areas. These Knight groups can be joined to any order, but usually include the following primary Sovereign Order of Military Knight orders.

1)     Knights of Pythias

2)     Knights of Malta or Ancient Order of Knights of St. John

3)     Knights of Garter

4)     Knights of Bath

5)     Knights of the Thistle

6)     Knights of the Order of Jerusalem

7)     Order of Preceptors (hierarchy includes commanders and those presiding over the knights)

There also is a select special military called the “protectors”. The protector departments oversee the regional commanders for the Sovereign Military at a quadrant level. These are individuals who are trained to protect higher level assets or areas. One of the protector departments is known as the Wolves. I have shared in former affidavits that the Wolf department was headed up by Russian “Vlad” or William Belenoff.

Those that are considered “wolves” are bred in the System and come from a long lineage of those who have served the elite. Beginning at age five, a child chosen to serve in the System from a “wolf” family takes their first contract with the changeling demonic spirit that allows them to shapeshift. This changeling spirit makes generational alliances. This spirit twists and morphs the body causing physical changes in the appearance of the individual and lends its supernatural powers. I have testified in previous affidavits that it is my belief that wolves are used by the U.S. Military to provide “peripheral” perimeter protection during the transportation and trafficking of children from one location to another for traveling military symposiums or larger ritual events. The Casper, Wyoming area is a central training hub and “hot bed” for children being raised as “wolves”. As a child, I was very aware of the numerous wolves in the area, as well as children who were being trained for the role. I experienced wolves in this area also providing perimeter protection for the rituals, gatherings, human meat markets, black-market sales, as well as the human hunts off Wyoming Mountain.


I was trafficked by Nazi Michael Karkoc (from 1982-1984) and Nazi Col. Michael Aquino in the U.S. Military through the Casper, WY area from 1982-1987 while simultaneously engaging in training at multiple locations I have previously identified in other states and internationally. I have identified the following individuals that I witnessed present during Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military rituals and training at locations where crimes were being committed against children in the local Casper area and surrounding areas.

1)     Former Vice President Dick Cheney (at the time Congressman)

2)     Lynn Cheney (Dick’s wife)

3)     Liz Cheney

4)     Secretary of State Thyra Thompson

5)     U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (See Exhibit A: pic with his father of Masonic connection)

6)     Speaker of Wyoming House of Representatives Colin M. Simpson (was in early to mid- 20s when I was being trained in Wyoming area.)

7)     Milward Simpson (Former U.S. Senator. See Exhibit A of Brotherhood Masonic Connection)

8)     U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallup

9)     Governor Edgar Jacob Herschler

10)Kathleen Colter Herschler (Governor Edgar Jacob Herschler’s wife)

11)Sheriff William Estes Jr (served in 1982)

12)Sheriff John Barrett (served from 1983-1986)

13) Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart (of St. Patrick’s Parish and Diocese of Cheyenne. One of two Preceptors for the Regional area. See Exhibit B & C)

14) Bishop Charles Hemsling (Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas)

15) Bishop Michael Francis McAuliffe (Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri)

16) Msgr. James O Neill (Cathedral of St Mary’s Cheyenne, WY)

Not only did I witness these individuals present when crimes were being committed against children, they aided in the cover up of crimes that included rape, torture, satanic ritual, murder, human hunting parties, adrenochrome harvesting, organ harvesting, human meat markets, and cannibalism.  These individuals worked hand in hand with individuals in the Casper Educational System and Churches to supply the U.S. Military and Sovereign Military with children being trained in the Luciferian Brotherhood, as well as expendable children from outside the area.  As a child I would be marked present at school but not be present all day at that location. How did this work? I would show up at school and be marked present with about 20 other children in the class. Then, I and a select few would be removed from the class and taken to meet up with our “teachers” in the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military. I would be taken out through the underground to different locations in the Casper area. If at Crest Hill Elementary, it usually was out the side door by the gym. I had “defense magik training” first thing in the morning. Several places where that occurred included Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford Illinois or St. Anthony’s Parish school in Casper Wyoming. During these times, I was removed from class with a few of the other children, while another teacher would come in and remain with the other children in the class. This should be a huge point of concern.

What is happening to the children in the Casper Wyoming area and of our country when they are supposed to be in school. The education system in the State of Wyoming cannot say that they are blameless in this matter. They hire a teacher to be full-time in a classroom with a certain number of children. However, if that teacher is considered a “special teacher”, meaning he/she works also with the Luciferian Brotherhood or Sovereign Military training programs, the school pays for or has a third-party payee who finances another teacher to come in to stay with the remainder of the class who are not part of the special program training. How many years has the Casper Wyoming School District along with other school districts in the United States continued to operate this way. Who is aware of these operations within each district?

There are many individuals I have not identified yet who were part of the Luciferian Brotherhood circle in Casper, WY.  I believe many of these unidentified individuals are still operating in the area through the educational system through Luciferian Brotherhood Orders that are prominent in the area. These prominent orders include:

  1. a)Order of Priests of Melchizedek (The Holy Order of High Priesthood)
  2. b)Order of Golden Dawn or Orde Temple Orientis
  3. c)Order of Hibernian (Connected to 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts)
  4. d)Lions Club
  5. e)Honorary Order of Rotarians aka Rotary Club
  6. f)Ancient Order of Foresters and Ancient Order of the Tall Trees
  7. g)Brotherhood Order of Odin
  8. h)Order of Preceptors

Those in the Sovereign Military will be assigned to these circles and reared to serve the elite in them. In the 1980s, it was my experience that the majority of these orders met at the schools, churches, and locations I have identified. Several of the locations have underground Baphomet statues where they worship at.

In the 80s, the Casper Police Department were highly involved in the Sovereign Military Order. The Police Department sigil (See Exhibit D) tells you that the department is connected to the Order of Hibernians. The dual flags are the same style and shape that the Order of Hibernians use. The red, white, and blue coloring tells us that you have the Sovereign Military verses just recruitment phase Hibernians. The spears with fleur-de-les on the ends tell you that the Police are under the Preceptor of the Luciferian Brotherhood. The U.S flag tells you that they are subservient to matrons in the Masonic order. In the System, the Brotherhood will use the American Flag to represent the founding mothers or matrons in the System. The Buffalo tells you they are also subservient to the Order of Odin and Lodges connected to the sacred underground cities of Valhalla (located in Valhalla, Kansas and Shamballa, located in Topeka, Kansas.)

What is a Preceptor? A Preceptor is a positional name within the Sovereign Military System. There are three Preceptors over each preceptory. The preceptory can also be called a Prior and is the regional headquarters that the Sovereign Military operates out of in a regional area. The Preceptors job is to oversee the preceptory in their regional area and the orders of knights who are assigned to that preceptory.  Preceptors are distinguished from knights in meetings by wearing a white robe with a vertical line with two horizontal lines through the upper half of the vertical line on the upper front left quadrant of the robe. (See Exhibit E) I believe this is why the territory they “police” is called a “precinct”. It is my full belief that Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart was one of the three Preceptors for the Casper area for Sovereign Military Training from 1982-1987 as the Preceptor symbol indicates on his mitre. (The hat dress they wear. See Exhibit C) His oversight most likely went beyond 1987 but I’ve listed those dates because that is the time frame I witnessed and experienced his oversight of the area. Grand Preceptors wear robes that are green and white in color. Hart wore green and white robe at times.

Preceptors are also trained within the Mormon Church. See their training manual for those who will oversee Sovereign Knight Orders regionally called “Preceptors” by John Nicholson. Preceptor is a term they will use for those trained to oversee the missionaries that go out into the communities.

PRECEPTORS Guidelines (See Exhibit  F)

Locations where I witnessed the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military Order committing crimes against children.

1)     Natrona County High School (including the pool and underground tunnels)

930 S. Elm St/ Casper, WY 82601

2)     Kelley Walsh High School (including pool)

3500 E. 12th St/ Casper, WY 82609

3)     Y.M.C.A of Natrona County (including pool)

1611 per Mountain Rd/ Casper, WY 82601

4)     Centennial Junior High (Had Baphomet statue underground)

1421 Waterford St, Casper, WY 82609

5)     Pine view School (Connected by tunnels to St Patrick’s Church and under Graveyard.)

639 Payne Ave, Casper, WY 82609

6)     Diocese of Cheyenne

2121 Capital Ave/ Cheyenne, WY 82001

7)     Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas

12615 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66109

8)     Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri

2207 W. Main Street Jefferson City MO 65109-0914

9)     St. Patrick’s Catholic Church (This Church has ritual ground underneath with Baphomet statue.)

400 Country Club Rd/ Casper, WY

10) Cathedral of St. Mary/ 100 W 21st St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

11) Wyoming State Capital (Gate 1)

200 W 24th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

12) Herschler Building (State Capital Gate 2) (See Evidence Article        )

122 W 25th St, Cheyenne, WY 82002

13) Wyoming Supreme Court Clerk Building (State Capital Gate 3)

2301 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001

14) Governor Mansion located at Warren Air Force Base

Lincoln Hwy 33/ Cheyenne, Wyoming

15) Warren Air Force Base

Randall Ave. at W. Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne, WY 82001

16)St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and School (near homes used by elite to sexually exploit children in area. This Church and School were used for intensive training with Nazi trainers).

604 S. Center St/ Casper, WY

17) Lions Camp (Wyoba) 9350 Casper Mountain Rd/Casper, WY

18) Casper Mountain Fire Department Fire Hall No 1/ 1000 Lemmers Rd/ Casper WY

19) Girl Scout Camp called Sacagawea on Casper Mountain

20) Eadsville Mine on Wyoming Mountain

21) Casper Planetarium (used to align children to the zodiac).

22) Life Steps Campus (used to be the old Casper Orphanage near graveyard with tunnels underground that used to get to ritual ground under graveyard.)

1514 E 12th St, Casper, WY 82601

23) Yellowstone National Park

24) Old Faithful Inn (One of the socialites gathering places before human hunts).

3200 Old Faithful Inn Rd., Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

As I have testified in the Greenbrier and Alton Towers affidavits, I witnessed crimes being committed against disabled female children who were housed at some of the private Brotherhood schools, Asylums, and Sanitoriums where priestesses in the System are trained. I also experienced these crimes in buildings they consider their sacred temples. I have identified more specific places where crimes are committed against children in the Casper Wyoming area.

I have testified to being trained by the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military in conjunction with the Sovereign Military to use spiritual gates to access ritual grounds in areas during ritual times.  Some of the gates that interconnect in the Wyoming area are as follows:

1)     Water access to spiritual gates in other States, Countries, and Military bases through the Natrona County High School pool, Kelley Walsh High School pool, Natrona County Y.M.C.A pool, NORAD, Ragnarök Subterranean bases, Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia area, Alton Tower Conservatories in the UK, and more I’ve named in Affidavits. These buildings also have connections to the vast tunnel system under Casper that is used to traffic hierarchy and expendable children from one area to another.

2)     I witnessed ritual killings and spiritual gate use at the State Capital of Wyoming. As seen in interior pictures of this building (See Exhibit G), there is a spiritual gate present. The structure of the outside of the building tells us that it is a temple of Artemis, meaning there are priestesses in the area who worship there. As a child, I witnessed the priestesses gather along the interior railings to access the spiritual gate. The gate operates downward indicated by the equal black and white checkering on the floor. There is a vast underground tunnel network in that area that extends to Casper, Wyoming area and NORAD military base in the Cheyenne Mountains.

There are two buildings that were used in my time in Wyoming by the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military located near the Wyoming Capital. One is the Wyoming Supreme Court Building (See Exhibit H) and the Herschler Building (See Exhibit I). Inside the Herschler Building there are two significant markers. The first is a stained-glass window that looks like a blueprint of a building. (See Exhibit J) That blueprint indicates the spiritual gate in the middle that is located in the Capital building. But it also has two seals for the state of Wyoming on each side of it. Those seals indicate where the priestesses worship underground. The first indicates the Herschler building is one of those two buildings. The second indicates the Wyoming Supreme Court building is the second. Inside the Herschler building is a big diamond statue that is perfectly aligned on lay lines with the Wyoming Capital building. One of the spiritual gate access points connected to the Wyoming Supreme Court building is the Supreme Court Building in WA, DC. Ritual killings would happen underneath the Wyoming Supreme Court building as well as under the Supreme Court Building in WA, DC. I remember one of the human meat markets and black market for witchcraft items being underneath Supreme Court building in Casper.

There are two Buffalo exhibits near the Capital area. One is the Buffalo Statue on Capital grounds (See Exhibit K), the second was an exhibit in the Herschler building for a period of time (See Exhibit L), on an area with black and white flooring. The black and white checkered floors indicate a sacred space that can be used as a portal and that there is a room underneath. These Buffalo Statues are used to indicate among the Brotherhood direct access to underground ritual rooms and sacred underground cities. The Buffalo indicates that there is a connection to the underground sacred city Valhalla located in Valhalla, Kansas. There is another sacred city that can be accessed, that is Shambhala located in Topeka, Kansas.

3)     I witnessed the Governor’s Mansion at Warren Airforce Base and several other elite members residences being used in the Wyoming area for sexual magik with both hierarchy and expendable children. There are two groups of children being trafficked and abused in the Casper Wyoming area. The hierarchy children are being trained to fill positions in the System while the expendable children are being mutilated and killed. I believe that my experience in these community places was solely to learn how the System was run and to be desensitized to horrific crimes committed against children.

The Governor’s Mansion and elite homes, as well as the Old Faithful Inn were used by various ages of members of the Brotherhood as well as those who were retired. Many of the larger homes become places where children are brought in. It is set up like a socialite party. The elderly members of the Brotherhood then play games with the children like hide and seek, which really is a form of hunting. When they catch a child, they use them for sexual magik or if expendable, they can do whatever they like to the child. I witnessed these same type of hunt parties take place at the Rothchild Lodge and Cheney hunting lodges.

There was a weekly rotation of expendable children being exploited through these homes under the guise of elite socialite weekly get togethers. I remember being “awarded” with these socialites weekly get togethers. After I witnessed and experienced horrific traumas in intensives and at the military base, then I would be brought to these socialites get togethers that were supposed to be “rewards” for compliance for the hierarchy in training. It was a time where we got to hang with high level members who laughed, joked, and played off the sick graphic things they did to children. Most of my time there, I would be forced to watch these elite members commit crimes against children. If I or other hierarchy children spoke out against or interrupted their crimes, we would be severely punished, and the torture would be worse for the other children.

Some of the other homes and locations that connected to this rotational exploitation from the Casper area that are still being used by the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military are the following addresses:

  1. a) REDACTED Casper, WY (This was High Priest in the Luciferian Brotherhood’s residence. It is not far from an area with an old Frank Lloyd Wright house that currently has a Masonic Symbol near the highway. The old Frank Lloyd Wright house that was on the property was moved to another location out closer to Miles Landing by Government Bridge.)
  2. b) REDACTED Casper, WY
  3. c) REDACTED Casper, WY
  4. d) REDACTED Casper, WY
  5. e) REDACTED Casper, WY
  6. f) St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and School (near these homes) 604 S. Center St/ Casper, WY
  7. g) St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

4)      The weekly rotation supply involves the Churches and the schools.  The Bishops of the Diocese of Cheyenne, the Diocese of Kansas City in Kansas, and the Diocese of Jefferson City in Missouri worked closely together and supplied children through local Catholic Churches and schools to the U.S. Military, Luciferian Brotherhood, and Sovereign Military Order and facilities for training and programming in the Casper and other Wyoming areas.

There were three main Catholic Churches and staff from those churches that I witnessed being part of the Luciferian Brotherhood and participating in crimes against children. (I have not yet identified many staff from these areas.)  St. Anthony’s Parish, Our Lady Fatima, and St. Patrick’s parish form what is called an “unholy trinity”. That means they are positioned in a triangle and share a ritual underground that is desecrated with the dead. One of the altars is located under the old tree (where now a memorial to the unborn sits above ground at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church). On the memorial is an image of the waterfall located at the base of Casper Mountain in the Rotary Park. (See Exhibit M) It sits at the base ritual ground for the Crimson Dawn area that is used by priestesses and witches in the area. (See Exhibit N)

  1. a) Patrick’s Church in Casper, WY. This Church has ritual ground underneath. There is a ritual WALL to Molech with hierarchy and sacrificed children’s bloody handprints on it underground and sacrifices occurring there. The sacrifices were not always underground. Many times, the sacrifices would be on the High Ground area which is up the mountain located at Crimson Dawn or near the waterfall located at the Rotary Park at the base. I witnessed many infants die by the hands of the High Priests who were the Bishops I named for the area, particularly Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart. I also witnessed him use children (boys and girls) under age five for ritual sex magik to open spiritual gates both underground and up on the mountain at the Crimson Dawn area.
  2. b)There are two ritual high grounds used on the Casper Wyoming Mountain. The first is called Crimson Dawn: This area is owned by a High Priest and Priestess in the Luciferian Brotherhood. This is a high ritual point for sacrifices in the area. It also is where some of the mid-summer rituals I witnessed occurred in the 80s. There are two camps on the sides of the mountain used during mid-summer rituals around July- August every year. The rituals I witnessed occur in several places, this was one of them. Further details of what happens during these rituals are detailed in my affidavit about 12-year-old rituals. The two camps used in the area for these rituals are the Lions Club for the Blind located near the area on the mountain called Bear Trap Meadow on the left side of the mountain. The Lions are a Brotherhood order. This is where boys would gather and be instructed how the mid-summer ritual would work. The boys will spend several days at the camp playing what are called night games. During those games, the girls from the girls’ camp will seduce the boys and arouse them but not be allowed to have anal or vaginal sex with them. They are permitted to have oral sex.

The Girl Scout Camp called Sacagawea is on the right side of the mountain. The Girl Scouts is a Brotherhood training order connected to the Order of the Hibernians. The harp on their emblem is a symbol indicating the training of high end sexual magik escorts connected to incubus and succubus spirits in the System. I have been told by locals that the Southern Baptist Convention owns the camp.

Further up the mountain there is an old mine called Eadsville Mine that is connected to the quarry. It is now considered private property and access to the area is blocked. These were areas that would be used in the night games during mid-summer rituals and hunts. Usually, expendable children would be held in cages in the mine until ritual times. I also witnessed the Sovereign Military individuals ritually kill people in the quarry.

One of the neutral areas in the games on the mountain was the Fire Hall No. 1 in Casper, WY. This building has three colonnades and marks an underground Northern wall. The western wall marks an underground altar in the area. I remember this building had access to the underground area.

5)     I ask that the schools, churches, and local areas be investigated for their connection to supplying children to a foreign government and sovereign military. I ask that the U.S. Military stop crimes that are being committed to children in the Casper Wyoming area against children by the Luciferian Brotherhood and the Sovereign Military.

6)     Lastly, I ask that the water tanks in the area be checked for desecration. When I was there in the 80s, priestesses would place dead people, body parts, rats, and animals in the tanks to desecrate and curse the water.


  1. A) Picture of Senator Alan Simpson and his father Milward Simpson and Masonic connection.
  2. B) Picture of Preceptor Hubert Joseph Hart
  3. C) Picture of Hubert Joseph Hart with the Preceptor symbol on his mitre
  4. D) Casper Police Sigil
  5. E) Picture of Preceptor robe
  6. F) Preceptor Guidelines
  7. G) Pictures of Spiritual Gate at Wyoming Capital
  8. H) Pictures of Supreme Court Building in Cheyenne
  9. I) Pictures of Herschler Building
  10. J) Picture of Herschler Building stained glass map
  11. K) Picture of Capital Buffalo Statue
  12. L) Picture of Buffalo at Herschler building
  13. M) Pictures of St Patrick’s Memorial Area with High Ground Imagery
  14. N) Map of Crimson Dawn

Additional Supplements

1)     Natrona County High School Pool closures and renovations.

2)     Herschler State Capital Gate

3)     Link to Preceptor Structure (also provided in Exhibit F)

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4)     Link to Info on High Order of Melchizedek

5)     Article about Bishop Hubert Joseph Hart service in Casper Wyoming and Cheyenne parishes.


CASPER, Wyo. — The dedication of a new pool officially put an end to a swimming drought at Natrona County High School in Casper on Wednesday.

Natrona County School District board and trustee members gathered with educators and swim students for the ceremony, which was marked by a ribbon cutting and a synchronized jump by student swimmers into the glistening water.

“Today is a great day to be a Mustang,” NCHS Principal Aaron Wilson said. “We’ve been using it for a little bit, but this year, all of our students and all of our girls and boys swim teams will have access, and it’s a great opportunity for all of our students.”

The original pool was built in the early 1930s and was the first indoor pool in Wyoming. Though historic, it was too small for diving and proper modern swim training and had become unreliable and obsolete over the decades. It was demolished in 2014 during NCHS’s complete renovation, but after voters rejected a $33 million bond for school improvements, a new pool seemed in doubt.

Funding for the $10.2 million facility was eventually accomplished with $5 million earmarked from the district’s Capital Projects Fund to go toward the pool and $5,237,630 from an existing portion of NCSD’s recreation mill levy.

In the meantime, NCHS swimming students were shuttled between Kelly Walsh High School’s facility, as well as the Casper Recreation Center pool and the YMCA.

“I also want to send out a thank you to Kelly Walsh High School and recognize them,” Wilson said. “Over the last 10 years or so they have been extremely accommodating to our swimmers and our PE students, as we did not have a building and a pool.”

“Eight years ago, this project was dead in the water,” said Natrona County School District’s trustee board and infrastructure chair Ray Catellier during his remarks, thanking the school board trustees and other community members for eventually devising a plan. “Thank you to the Casper community, and I’m just so excited that there [will be] generations of students and community members that will put this pool to good use.”

NCHS’s PE department head and former swimming coach Jarvis Bliss described the “bruised faces and noses” students would sometimes suffer from due to swimming too close to other students in the old, narrow pool. The new facility is regulation-size, equal to KWHS’s pool.

“It’s the same tank that Kelly’s got: It is 25 yards, eight lanes, 13 feet in the deep end, four feet in the shallow,” he said.

“In a lot of ways it was emotional when we had to close the old pool,” he said, mentioning murals that students had painted over the ages and years of memories made there.

“But this new facility, wow,” he said. “It is so incredible that we are here today.”


Appropriations for the Herschler building were made by the 45th Legislature. The architect of record was Kemper and Pappas PC Architects, and the design architect was RNL. The Herschler Building was constructed by M.A. Mortenson Company. Construction of the Herschler Building began in 1981 and was completed in 1983. The building is named after former Governor Ed Herschler. The building includes office space for state agencies; underground parking for the Herschler and the Capitol; an underground corridor connecting the Herschler to the Capitol; and central utilities serving the Herschler, the Capitol, the Barrett, the Supreme Court, and the Hathaway buildings.

As with all buildings, the style Herschler Building is a product of the time in which it was built. The unique design and floor plan configuration of the building allows for magnificent views past the Herschler Building to the historic Capitol building. The Herschler Building was created as a “background” building being deferential to the Capitol in creating both a backdrop as well as allowing view corridors to the Capitol.

The Herschler was 173,000 net assignable square feet and cost $27.3 million to be built in 1981. To build the Herschler today, it would have cost $94.2 million.


No major renovations to the Herschler building have occurred since its original construction was completed in 1983. Renovations have occurred to spaces outside of the building. They include a renovation of the plaza that took place in 2010 to correct leaks in the plaza roof membrane. Additionally, a snow melt system was installed at that time to remove the threat of snow build-up on the plaza. No other significant renovations or updates have been provided to date. While the building has been well maintained, most of the finishes, including carpet, as well as building systems including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, are original.

PRECEPTORS: See for structure of the Sovereign Military Order at a regional level.


For the Holy Order of High Priesthood see:

The Most Reverend Hubert Joseph Hart 1978-2001

On July 1, 1976, Bishop Hart was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Cheyenne and Titular Bishop of Thimida Regia by Pope Paul VI. He received his episcopal consecration on the following August 31 from Bishop Hubert Newell, with Bishops Charles Helmsing and Michael McAuliffe serving as co-consecrators. As an auxiliary bishop, he served as vicar general of the Cheyenne Diocese and pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Casper.

Following the retirement of Bishop Newell, Hart was named the sixth Bishop of Cheyenne on April 25, 1978. He was formally installed at St. Mary’s Cathedral on the following  June 12, and selected as his episcopal motto: “Dominus Pars.”

During his tenure as Bishop, he established the annual Bishop’s Appeal and ordained 25 priests for the diocese. He was an active member of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and served as chairman of the bishops of Conference Region XIII, which includes the states of ArizonaColoradoNew Mexico, and Wyoming, for six years. He retired on September 26, 2001, after twenty-three years as ordinary of the Cheyenne Diocese.

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Hart was born to Hubert and Kathryn (née Muser) Hart in Kansas CityMissouri. His brother James was a priest of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, and his sister Rosemary was human resources director for the Environmental Protection Agency. He attended St. Peter’s Grade School (1936–1944) and Bishop Hogan High School (1944–1948) before studying at Rockhurst College and St. Meinrad Seminary.

ADDENDUM: 10.12.23

5)     Human Meat Markets. The Casper area is prime for human meat markets. As I child, I witnessed humans being brought into the area by train or semi- truck. Several of the drop off locations were private businesses owned by brotherhood members, other churches in the area, and personal residences. Some of the locations were personal barns or garages of those in the Sovereign military. I witnessed humans being slaughtered, hung by their feet, skinned, and cut up into meat. Some of the meat and blood would be ground for sausage making. The hierarchy and Sovereign Military children in training are taught how to procure human meat and make sausages. There were several women in the area who were connected to the Schools and Churches who were master sausage makers of human meat.

6)     I ask that the schools, churches, and local areas be investigated for their connection to supplying children to a foreign government and sovereign military. I ask that the U.S. Military stop crimes that are being committed to children in the Casper Wyoming area against children by the Luciferian Brotherhood and the Sovereign Military.

7)     Lastly, I ask that the water tanks in the area be checked for desecration. When I was there in the 80s, priestesses would place dead people, body parts, rats, and animals in the tanks to desecrate and curse the water.

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