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Attn Militias! It’s All Up to You! Trump Was Chosen to Facilitate the Transition to the NWO

I will say this. Nino’s guest is on the money. Whether he’s a Patriot or Deep State its irrelevant because once the deep state knows that they have succeeded to come to a point where there’s no recovery from the other side, then they tell you what they’re doing.

They flaunt victory in your face. Everyone sits enjoying the show as they march us to the slaughter.

It’s the perfect deception. it’s your 5d chess, notice that there’s no other logical choice for the 2024 election? It’s all a show and the director of the show is the Davos Crowd. 

It’s up to us folks. When Trump traveled all over the world early in his presidency, it was to unify all governments for this Great Reset. So I seriously recommend that you share this to our last line of defense which is the Militia.

The Phil Godlewski’s info about the 300 trillion is what the Deep State paid themselves for the GREAT RESET. There’s no Nesara Gesara for us. It’s all for them. GOD HELP US ALL 


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