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Arizona Patriots Let Maricopa Have It! Very Powerful! Apple Falling, Attacks Twitter! Pray! – And We Know

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

When we look at everything that has happened the last couple months, it becomes obvious that there’s no way that Elon is NOT working with the white hats. Trump said that the Department of Defense gave him 26 billion dollars under his administration.

There’s talk that Google and Apple will ban Twitter from the app store soon, and if they do, Elon just happens to have has his own phone right on time? What are the odds of all this happening!? We are watching a movie.

We are watching each side play their moves in real time. Elon is just getting started too. There is no other man on earth that could pull off what he just did.

He’s literally the only person! He’s built for this in every way. 

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