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And We Know: New Narrative Created! UKRAINE Deep DIVE Equals Ties To BIDEN! VIEW DISCRETION ADVISED! PRAY! – Must Video

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

There’s definitely something about Ukraine. The 2014 Ukraine election and the 2016 US election. Remember UK, Australia, Italy and Ukraine? During the 2019 impeachment which was all about Ukraine, Lt Col Vindman stated he was offered the Ukraine Defense Minister job. Also no one accepted Zelensky’s statement of not feeling extorted, quid pro quo, etc. Hunter Biden w/ Burisma and Joe Firing the prosecutor. I’m very curious if Biden and the Democrat Party/Deep State aren’t being blackmailed by Zelensky or bribing him. He used to wear a suit and tie BTW. And the same people who call their opposition notsee’s have zero questions about the Azov Battalion. Ukraine is now a cash cow like ventilators were in 2020 IMO. Hope I’m wrong but something stinks bigly.

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

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