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Alien Coming of the Anti-Christ.. Aliens or Demons? 

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Some Christians posit that aliens exist, but they are actually demons disguising themselves to take humanity’s attention from God, with the long-term goal of preparing the way for the rise of the Antichrist. But is it true? Nathaniel Gillis is a religious demonologist and author. After living in a haunted house, Nathaniel spent 20 years researching what it was he encountered.

Nathaniel is the founder of Preternatural Epiphenomenal Philosophy. Nathaniel has sought to redefine the nature of haunting phenomena, ghosts and high strangeness. He’s often quoted for his concept of the demonic. “The reason they are playing by different rules is because they are playing a different game.” Norman Traversy has a major breaking news story. Catherine Edwards discusses quantum consciousness. Plus your telephone calls.

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