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ALERT! 2 Refineries Explode, BACON Recall, & Food Shortages (Must Video)

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Nothing is by accident.

The people of the world are in serious trouble at this point in time, as the collapse accelerates, the shortages will get much worse.

Now there is an attack on Refineries, recycling plants, food plants, yet people seem to believe it’s all a coincidence and these coincidences won’t have any affect on their lives… 

Buckle up people, these events are being covered up, don’t take my word for it, do your own research… 

Whirlwind Update | many NEWS Items. Refineries on fire during a fuel shortage, horrible wheat harvests during a food shortage 2022. Empty shelves are about to get much worse as food shortages in Pakistan and Sri Lanka have bad harvests and political instability. Recycling plant fire that isn’t being reported.

Poplar Preparedness ALERT! 2 Refineries Explode, BACON Recall, & Food Shortages UPDATES

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