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Absolute Treachery! – Sheriff Richard Mack – SGT Report (Must Video)

Sheriff Richard Mack returns to SGT Report to dissect the absolute treachery of Joe Biden and his administration, the fallacy of vaccine “mandate”, and the role of Constitutional sheriffs as the last line of defense against tyranny.

This criminal imposter ‘president’ is an enemy of the state and an enemy of humanity! He should be urgently impeached. He has proven that our conspiracy theories are in fact enemy conspiracies. We need the military to reverse the stolen election immediately.

Clueless joe is NOT ignoring the southern border, he’s paying close attention to his 10% cut.

Sheriff Richard Mack, there it is, the truth about the blue hats……..I myself can confirm that the UN is definitely being used against our constitution. This is what a sheriffs job is, to protect and defend the American people. I stand with any sheriff and my oath as as law enforcement myself. Where we go one we do go all, I hope law enforcement understand the majority of people are behind you in my opinion.

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