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A Look Inside The Unvaccinated Camps They’ve Built For Us! – Must Video

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We are struggling too. I am trying to homeschool and find a job to help out since my husband was let go due to the shut downs. We are having to borrow money to feed the kids. My phone has been off for a couple months, because I can’t pay the bill. I have to use free Wi-Fi.

We probably won’t have much of a Christmas, but I’m trying to be grateful. If we are all in camps this time next year or having to flee, we will miss even having a home. We are spoiled to be upset that we can’t give our kids a bunch of stuff. We should value being given one meaningful thing, Little House on the Praire style. Truly, our situation has made me realize that we shouldn’t take for granted what we DO have right now. We are warm, safe, and our bellies are full.

Things and stuff has become too important in our lives. Anyway, if you are struggling, try to appreciate what you DO have, and how much you will miss it when it’s taken away. I want to add how happy I am that I haven’t gotten the jab, nor my husband or kids.

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