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50 Cent REVEALS SHOCKING TRUTH About Dwight Howard’s SECRET G*Y Parties: “Dwight Howard Admits He Had Relationships…with Will Smith & Diddy”

50 Cent REVEALS SHOCKING TRUTH About Dwight Howard’s SECRET G*Y Parties: “Dwight Howard Admits He Had Relationships…with Will Smith & Diddy”

In the hidden underbelly of Hollywood, whispers of secretive gatherings and high-profile parties have always stirred curiosity and scandal.


Yet, recent revelations by 50 Cent have brought a new layer of intrigue to these tales, particularly around Dwight Howard and his alleged involvement in these clandestine events!

50 Cent Clowns Dwight Howard With Old Courtside Photo

On Sunday (Nov. 5), 50 Cent hit up his infamous Instagram account and took some time out from his worldwide Final Lap Tour to enjoy his favorite pastime: trolling other famous people.



This time, the Queens rap legend took aim at former NBA player Dwight Howard, who is currently facing sexual assault allegations by a Georgia man.

50 posted a throwback photo of himself, actor Denzel Washington and TDE’s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith greeting Dwight Howard courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game in 2013.

Flanked by Denzel and Top Dawg on either side, 50 is seen looking up at Howard with a big smile on his face.

“@dangerookipawaa [Top Dawg] gonna say you made eye contact with Dwight Howard,” 50 Cent captioned the photo below along with several emojis. “Man me and Denzel thought that mother f**ker was alright man.”


In response, Dwight Howard, who has not been shy in addressing any of his detractors on social media recently, slid into the 50 Cent’s comments section on Sunday.

Without questioning why Fif decided to post the photo, Howard was quick to point out the fact that 50 was smiling from ear to ear.

“Glad I put a smile on your face,” Dwight Howard wrote.

Why Is 50 Cent Clowning Dwight Howard?


While the nature of 50 Cent’s Instagram post aimed at Dwight Howard and Top Dawg is a bit unexplained, it may have to do with a sexual assault scandal the former Los Angeles Laker is embroiled in.

Back in July, Georgia native Stephen Harper filed a civil lawsuit against Dwight Howard on allegations of sexual assault, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to the Associated Press, Harper claims to have been forced into a sexual encounter with Howard and a transgender individual who goes by Kitty.

Howard has since denied the allegations and says that the romantic situation was completely consensual.


Check out the old courtside photo that prompted the social media exchange between 50 Cent and Dwight Howard in the Instagram posts below.

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