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50 Cent believes Eminem has had a bigger impact on hip-hop than Jay-Z

50 Cent believes Eminem has had a bigger impact on hip-hop than Jay-Z


Eminem, in 50 Cent’s opinion, has influenced hip-hop more than Jay-Z.

Hip-hop came up during the discussion when Crawford used the influence of Jay-Z and Eminem on culture to connect the ranking of his top five NBA players to hip-hop artists.

Crawford said, “My five, the dominance outweighs the number,” at 43:15 in the video (see below). “You cannot alter the game such that I lose because this player has more points than me. It goes beyond that. Hip-hop is more impacted by Jay-Z than by whatever record sales that Eminem may have. That’s the nature of things.”

After reading about the discussion on an Instagram blog on Sunday, January 22, 50 Cent made the decision to add his thoughts in the comment area.


He wrote, “Ha bullsҺit,” and included an emoji of a sneeze.


50 Cent Thinks Eminem's Impact on Hip-Hop Is Bigger Than Jay-Z - XXL


Since Shady signed 50 Cent in the early 2000s, the two have been members of Team Eminem, and they have never parted. Fif said earlier this month that he is developing an 8 Mile television series.

Regarding the program, which would be based off Eminem’s 2002 film of the same nаme, 50 Cent said, “I think it should be [Eminem’s] his legacy.” It matters to me that they comprehend it. You remember when Steve Stout used to refer to America’s listening to Black music as “the tanning of America”? And the reason why everyone feels as if they can appreciate and enjoy the culture is really because it is losing its vibrancy. Since kids see someone who is respected and welcomed, it encourages them to join in as well.”

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50 has already stood up for Eminem’s honor against Hov. When it was announced in April of last year that Eminem will not play at the Jigga-curated 2022 Suρer Bowl halftime performance sans 50, he called out Jay-Z.

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