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Must Interview: Steve Quayle Warns of Imminent Catastrophic COLLAPSE of America As We Know It! – Mike Adams Must VideoForget the left as they are a lost cause but why are my people so blind? My whole life I’ve never committed…

Forget the left as they are a lost cause but why are my people so blind? My whole life I’ve never committed myself to just one or two beliefs. According to the information available at any given time may and will change my opinions. I’ve been a Trump supporter for all these years but have not forgotten all of the signs that most shrugged off as not important. It is now my belief by accessing all facts without bias along with biblical prophecy that Trump is the AntiChrist. I think he was chosen before he was born. I believe that Trump is involved with everything, he really is the president and has Biden and the uni-party doing all the evil dirty work and Trump will appear to return via audits and without losing supporters even gaining some. This is the grand design to get us to the NWO with little resistance from the people, thanks to the Q psyop which I did fall for in the beginning. The devil has certainly deceived the ENTIRE WORLD.

What he told is true. Even if you like or not, it’s going to happen pretty soon. Watch doug Casey’s channel on Youtube. He’s saying to people leave as soon as possible for years. Now, it may be too late to flee. He left the States to Uruguay where he liked a lot. Every time when the economy is collapsing the elites starts to extermine people. This happened in Eastern Europe, now it’s happening in the U.S but in a much higher degree. Read The Mandibles: A family, 2029-2047. The US will become a impoverished police state. Good luck to everybody who will “fight”. You guys will need. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just the end of the United States.


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