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Former Navy Seal/CIA Michael Jaco: Covid Lies & Manipulations in the Current War Will Cause Mass Casualties! – Must Video

What has happened to peoples’ critical thinking skills concerning the jabberdoo? Some of my smartest friends still choose to ignore the science. When I tell them how cases are rising fast among the jabbed in countries like Israel, Ireland, etc. they tell me I am crazy. These are the same folks who tirelessly examine every food and cleaning product label to avoid toxins, yet giddily rush to queue up to take the nearest jab. Ironic, isn’t it. This month I was planning to attend two weddings, but was unceremoniously ‘uninvited’ to both when I revealed my v status. One bride actually had the audacity to demand proof of v—– prior to the event. I want my presents back!!

I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s insanity!

It is frustrating and hard to comprehend why people do not truly get what is really happening!


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