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Τhey Don’t Want Υou Τo See This! Τhe Next Step Οf Great Reset Ιs Underway… To Steal Τhis From Υou! (Must Video)

Hi Tony, owning the printing press + to big to fail = the system collapses when they want it to, at some point before the sheeple escape the fiat currency pen

Tony China, indonesia, and Australia even New Zealand are on heavy lockdown because of their place in the ring of fire. Look at the plates there they’re all fractured and very small and that is the place that has the most significant earthquakes and volcanic lines. Even the west coast of America is on heavier lockdown than the East coast. It’s all because of the seismic activity and the loss of magnitivity. The sun is becoming very active in solar cycle 25. It will start peaking off in 2026

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