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Τhey Said Ιt Will Ηappen In Τhe Month Οf December! And Μost Won’t Βe Ready! – About & More – Must Video

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

It’s like a black cloud on the horizon that never seems to hit. I think next year will be a year of major change. The midterms were the final straw. I urge everyone to become self sufficient. To start growing more food at home. Get your garden plotted and start making the amendments such as organic fertilizer, biochar, and compost you’ll need for it now. I have a YT channel showing how to do all of this with little to no money using what’s growing natively. We need to be proactive and get prepared for the years ahead. God bless.

That’s because people are living off of credit cards and then they file chapter 13 ! Alot of people don’t manage their money.

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